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The video inspection system is designed for visual inspection of horizontal sections of air ducts, either square or round.

Kit includes: robot + screen 10.1″ inches+ shockproof & waterproof case.
– Protection of robots body
– IP54
– Cable length 23 m
– Controlled by tablet and/or joystick.
– Photo and video recording.

Straight ducts (no turns) minimum duct diameter 250 mm
Ducts with turns minimum duct diameter from 300-350 mm
Duct Inspection Robot
Video Inspection Robot
Electrical and Pneumatic brushing machines.

Simple construction and very easy to operate.

Replacing the shaft never been easier.

Machines built to clean dust and fatty deposits.

Brushing machines can be used for cleaning round and rectangular ducts.

Ventilation Cleaning Machines
Ventilation Cleaning Machines
Replaceable shafts
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Flexible driller shafts
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Types of brushes:
  • Soft (dust)
  • Combination (dust, rectangular ducts)
  • Basic (dust, grease)
  • Aggressive (grease)
  • Metal (grease)
Ø 100 - 1000 mm
Suitable for grease and dust cleaning, also for round and rectangular ducts.

M12 connection
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MODEL S3400 (filter included)
MODEL L5800 (filter included)

Both machines powerful with simple construction and very easy to use. No sophisticated and expensive consumables needed, only machine and hose, that is all you need to remove dust when duct cleaning.

Vacuum Collection Machines

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Ventilation cleaning Equipment Products

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